Food sanitation Solutions

The Food Industry is a massive operation that affects the global community through food production, preparation and other services. Being that food is a necessity for all people, thorough regulation must be maintained to ensure that consumers are enjoying quality foods that are safe. There are local food regulation bodies in many countries as well as an international set of guidelines named CODEX.

Food sanitation Solutions

  • Because food-borne illness can be spread by unclean or sick staff, maintaining personal hygiene is inseparable from food safety management. As shown on page 14, many food borne illness causing pathogens are spread from humans. With proper personal hygiene, the risk of food-borne illness is significantly reduced...

  • In most cases of food production, food exchanges hands multiple times before being enjoyed by consumers, and, while useful, our hands are perfect carriers for many sources of food-borne illness. This is why a functional and complete hand hygiene system is of extreme importance in any place where food is handled.

  • Facilities can be vast operations with many food contamination risks. Local regulation often puts secure safety standards on food industry operations to maintain clean, functional and safe production. CODEX recommends guidelines on maintenance, cleaning, pest control, waste management, and sanitation inspections.

  • SML Enterprises 's technical support programs are designed to enable your hygiene management to increase their level of effectiveness, efficiency and overall safety . Not only by providing evaluations of your current state of hygiene and sanitation,but we encourage improvement by providing methods that raise awareness of your own capabilities and goals.

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